The Difference

My passions in life include being a professor and mentor because both are so deeply ingrained in the inner fabric of my being and come so naturally for me.

You know you left your mark on the lives of your students when they call or send e-mails thanking you for making a difference in their lives. When they ask if you would take them under your wing and serve as their mentor after the class is over, after completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees, or when they ask if you will serve on dissertation committees.

When I receive those e-mails or text messages saying “thank you” for setting the bar high, for encouraging them to continue moving forward on their journey, for helping them to become critical and analytical thinkers, teaching them how to write well, and master the subject matter while helping them develop workforce ready KSA’s, then I have done my job. We are building bridges, relationships and networks that will span lifetimes.

Normally, I am not the “teary-eyed” type, but for some reason, when my current and former students send those “thank you for making a difference in my life” text messages or e-mails, they get to me – and I have to grab a Kleenex.

So, I will continue to give back and be a part of the change needed in academia and in the different communities, serving with a “heart full of grace and a soul generated by love” (King, 1968) because it completes me! I love what I do!

Just wanted to share!

About Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth

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